transdiscioplinary art and education project


Started in the year 2000, Walden Zero is much more than a collection or set of collections. It is a transdisciplinary project of education through art. Nowadays we have information, Internet is an example of it. What lacks is the "fly on information", the path on knowledge, which means formation. Its objective is to create an environmental system of automatic learning through the personal experience together with artworks and cultural pieces, from the last centuries to the electronic and cyber arts - crossing in a same place more than five hundred years.
Walden Zero is also a project to expand the actions of the artists represented in the collection in a worldwide scale.
The collections comprises non figurative contemporary art, from 1960s to now; virtual architecture, from 1980s to now; old clocks and watches, from 1630 to now; old maps, documents and engravings, from 1386 to now; rare books, from 1608 to now; rare music recordings; and rare experimental films.
Donations and gifts are accepted, in the spirit of the collection.
The works presently showed here represent only a small fraction of the entire collection. In 2018 it was published a book titled Human Eyes, with some engravings of the Project, from 1503 to the 20th century. Please, see at

Walden Zero is a huge artwork, a transdisciplinary dive in the human dream. We are looking to find a place to install it.

Emanuel Dimas de Melo Pimenta

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     old clocks and watches
     old maps, engravings and documents
     rare books
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book Human Eyes